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VIAJERO INMÓVIL - Difusión de grupos progresivos independientes

Viajero Inmóvil - Difusión de grupos progresivos independientes

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  • Láquesis - (2013)



Members featured in the album

  • Láquesis - (2013)


DIEGO ACTIS - Keyboards


ARIEL LOZA - Bass and vocals


MARTÍN TEGLIA - Drums and percussion




Láquesis is a band of Progressive / Symphonic Rock from Rosario (Argentina), with influences from various groups such as Yes, King Crimson, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Transatlantic and La máquina de hacer pájaros, among others.

It was formed in 2004, but to understand the name of that training must go back to Greek mythology, in which the Fates were a divine trinity representing the destination. Were Clotho, Láquesis and Atropos. Clotho spun the thread of life, Lachesis measured with a stick the length of it, while Atropos said wire cut and so ended the life of man. In the artwork, Atropos stares ahead while holding scissors and yarn tends Cloto him.

It has a current lineup composed of five musicians; Diego Actis (keyboards), Guillermo Caminer (guitars), Ariel Loza (bass and vocals), Martin Puntonet (vocals) and Martin Teglia (drums and percussion). They have a published in 2013 their debut album, "Láquesis" by the label Viajero Inmóvil Records.

We are facing a nothing predictable work with lots of details and multitude of elements that provide innovation and brightness to the sound. It is an ambitious work, from the name of the band, the visual design to the songs on the album, with pieces made with delicacy that integrate a changeable, versatile, dynamic and perfectly made puzzle.




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