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OS RELÓGIOS DE FREDERICO Discography Quatro centésimos de Semitom (2000) Chumbo grosso (2003) Faskner (2006) Members featured in the album Chumbo grosso (2003) CLAUDIA BRAGA - Vocals DIEGO SILVEIRA - Drums EVERTON VELASQUEZ - Bass LEONARDO BOFF - Keyboards LUCIANO ZANATTA - High and baritone sax MATEUS MAPA - Flute and vocals MAURÍCIO NADER - Guitar RODRIGO SIERVO - Tenor sax Guest musicians: GÜNTER Jr - Tenor sax HUBERTO BOQUINHA MARTINS - Trombone LEANDRO RODRIGUES - Trumpet RENATO BATISTA - Trumpet Members featured in the album Faskner (2006) MATEUS MAPA - Flute and vocals RODRIGO SIERVO - Tenor sax LUCIANO ZANATTA - High sax LEONARDO BOFF - Keyboards GILBERTO RIBEIRO Jr. - Guitar MAURÍCIO NADER - Bass DIEGO SILVEIRA - Drums The band Relógios de Frederico (The clocks of Frederico) is on the road since 1998. They have yet released three albuns: Quatro centésimos de semitom, Chumbo Grossso e Faskner. Seven musicians working their compositional ideas, integrating elements of popular and academical music. A swing that comes frome the south of Brazil with some spice added to it and good acceptance from the audience. The music is the human interference on the time. The clock is the frame where the music manifest itself. And Frederico is me, it's you and whoever want to be. The band has also the experience of working as a co-operative once it musically represents today the gathering of three other bands: Chumbo Grosso, Faskner and Relógios itself.