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PARAFERNÁLIA Discography Parafernália (2012) Members featured in the album Parafernália (2012) PEDRO MORIS - Órgano, piano, synths and vocoder RODRIGO FIGUEIREDO - Electric guitar, 6 & 12 strings guitar and vocals DADO NUNES - Electric & Fretless bass, 6 & 12 strings guitar and vocals JANARI COELHO - Drums Formed in 2000, the band Parafernália has his musical style with a focus on Rock and roll, as having great influence and inspiration sets national '70s, Classical music, in addition to the British and Italian Progressive Rock. The group's hallmark merging Hard / Heavy and Progressive and the development of more refined arrangements and instrumental passages and is currently one of the few representatives of this school in Brasilia. Throughout these more than ten years of band, the group managed - despite being a set authorial - perform regularly in various homes as the DF Gate's Pub, Cult 22, UK Music Hall, Blues Pub, Pub Velvet and many others. The group has also been present figure at festivals like Ferrock Rolla and Stone (DF), Camping Rock (MG) and Psicodália (SC). In August 2011, Parafernália released his first CD titled simply Parafernália. The album was released by labels Editio Princeps (EP) and Marquee Inc. (Japan) and is being distributed in several European countries, Japan, Canada, USA and Israel, with excellent effect. Information: