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COTA ZERO Discography Nivel 1 (2000) Nivel 2 (2002) Nivel 3 (2004) Volver a cero (2012) Members featured in the album Volver a cero (2012) HUMBERTO BARBIERI - Drums FEDERICO MELO - Bass FREDDY PIZARRO - Guitars Cota Zero is a Progressive Rock band from Valparaiso, founded in 1999 when they meet Humberto Barbieri (drums), Mauricio Sanguinetti (bass) and Freddy Pizarro (guitar). This group recorded two albums: Level 1 (2000), recorded live at the Sala Musicámara Valparaiso University and Level 2 (2002), engraved by Manuel Orrego in studies of Fernando Gonzalez. In 2004, joined the band Marcela Venegas (voice), Gonzalo Gomez (bass) and Ignacio Larrondo (percussion), who recorded the album with Level 3, recorded live at the Cafe Book Quilpue and produced by Power trio Records, Carlos Carvajal H. The album of the band consolidates regional and metropolitan level, participating in mass events most important of the Fifth Region of Chile. Today the band consists of Humberto Barbieri (drums), Federico Melo (bass) and Freddy Pizarro (guitar). Dedicated to resume their original style straight Rock, we construct an instrumental album with tickets ranging from mergers of Latin rhythms to rock riffs with clean guitars, a main feature of the band.