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  • Blue mammoth - (2011)



Members featured in the album

  • Blue mammoth - (2011)


JULIAN QUILODRAN - Bass, cello, flute, acoustic guitar, percussion and backing vocals

THIAGO MAYER - Drums, electric and acoustica percussion and backing vocals

ANDRÉ LUPAC - Electric and acoustic guitar, flute and backing vocals

ANDRÉ MICHELI - Piano, organ, synths, vocals and backing vocals



The Blue Mammoth Band is the result of a fortunate encounter of bassist and musical producer Julian Quilodran as well as the keyboard player and composer André Micheli.

Julian never gave up on the idea of setting up a new prog rock project since his band The Octohpera, dissolved right after releasing their debut album in 2002. He met Andre Micheli in early 2003 and they worked together on a few projects, while André was studying musical composition at the Rio de Janeiro Federal University.

This new friendship made Andre go much deeper into progressive music and several invitations to make a band soon appeared. At the end of his course, André was disappointed about the erudite music production and the academic milieu. Thus, he found in progressive rock a perfect way to show his artistic expression, where he could assemble the grip of the ever loved rock music and the harmonic colors and techniques of classical music. Right after that they began working on the project.

The initial idea was for the project to only consist of studio sessions in composition/recording by the two members, since forming a band seemed unlikely at this time. At this time, some guitarists collaborated transiently on the pre-production of the songs, such as Pablo Marques and Cesar Aires.

The repertoire gradually proved itself strong enough to motivate musicians to join the project permanently. Amongst these musicians, the first was the drummer Thiago Meyer and, soon after, guitarist André Lupac. They both did a great job with engagement and dedication, which made the accomplishment of a unity throughout the repertoire. As Andre Micheli assumed the lead vocals , the initial project now deserved to be called a band.

Just a few weeks after three singles were released on the internet, the band was invited to sign with Masque Records and release their first international album .

The work became intense and, due to personal issues, guitarist André Lupac decided to leave the band. We called Cesar Aires back , who had always been aware of the paths and developments of the production of the album. Luckily, there was almost no break on the band’s working rhythm and Cesar is now fully incorporated to the band’s group.


Information: Official site of Blue mammoth