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  • YYY -  (2010)








The musical trio Falsos Conejos was formed in 2006 thanks to the initiative of three disciples of master Zofal Onejo. Since then they have created an unclassifiable contemporary style whose influences are difficult to recognize. The band includes the drums, guitar, and bass making an intense sound that avoids the Tango cliché but is strongly tied to Buenos Aires. They are characterized by their wide dynamic range, sometimes embodying an intense Rock sound and then shifting to a calm minimal direction, more closely related to Dub or Jazz. Their musical meters, rhythms, and harmonies deny traditions and act as a space for improvisation.

In October of 2006 Falsos Conejos recorded for the first time the seven tracks of “AntiTango” live, and in one afternoon in studio. After they recorded the voices, harmonica, bandoneon, and trombones. They performed AntiTANGO live twice at the end of the year.

Between April of 2007 and December of 2008 they had more than 70 live shows, sharing the stage with bands suchs as Gordoloco Trío, Macaco Bong (Brasil), Prietto viaja al cosmos con Mariano, Científicos del palo, Baseball Furies, Ovejas, Suspensivos inflamables, La cosa Mostra, La familia ingle, Ubika, and others. Throughout this time they strengthened their intense, live, psychedelic show, incorporating a member of the group “Vj WB,” to create and mix images to compliment the sounds.

In 2007 they also organized “CicloMonteconejo” where each week for nine months they performed with other bands, poets, filmmakers, actors and, clowns, involved in the underground culture in Buenos Aires. They finished the year recording their first full-length session, “Sesiones Lunáticas,” live on the stage of the “CicloMonteconejo”.

The trio began 2009 with the pre-production of his first album, which was released in october 2010 by Viajero Inmóvil Records label.




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