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  • Inspiración -  (1975)



Members in the album

  • Inspiración -  (1975)

ARA TOKATLIÁN - Soprano & tenor sax and flute


GUILLERMO BORDARAMPÉ - Double bass and percussion

DANA - Spiritual guide




Brief duo formed in 1975 by Enrique Villegas and Ara Tokatlián member of "Arco Iris" and the most important saxophonist of Argentine rock in the 70`s.

Guillermo Bordarampe on bass and Dana on vocals also participate on the album.

As stated by Tokatlián for number 40 of the magazine Pelo, the inspiration for these issues came from: "Discovering your feeling and expressing it This came from me on a vacation in Necochea, where there is a desert of dunes that I traveled at night and day In that solitude we hear the sound of silence (which is not utopian) "

The album contains themes such as "Camino a Samarkanda" or "Maritimaria", clear examples of the inspiration that the landscape produced in Ara.

Ara told Pelo magazine at number 40, "Discover your feeling and express it." This arose from me during a vacation in Necochea, where there is a desert of dunes that I traveled at night and during the day. of silence (which is not utopian). "

The photo on the cover is by Gustavo Santaolalla, and Ara and Dana appear who were also spiritual guides of Arco Iris.

"Mono Villegas liked our music, and we died for him, for his lucidity, his creative madness, his musical talent, we were bound by something magical."

In this way, Ara Tokatlian summarized 20 years ago the reasons that led him to meet, in the early '70s, with Enrique Villegas, one of the emblematic pianists of Jazz in Argentina.

Together, they recorded six songs that would be edited, in 1975, on LP “Inspiración”.

The result of a search without defined limits in advance, the album conveys a climate of freedom that is reflected in the dialogues between the piano of the Mono with the double bass of Bordarampé and the saxophones and flutes of Tokatlian, as well as in their solitary sound explorations.

Away from the Argentine folk music that impregnated the work of Arco Iris, “Inspiración” connects in a much more direct way with Free Jazz as with Jazz. Thus, the arrangement of themes of the reissue, something different from the original, starts with Camino a Samarkand and Danara, in which the initial theme serves as the basis for improvisations to duo or soloists. A scheme that is repeated in the wave of your eyes and the only composition of Dana, Maritimaria, which closes the album. In the middle, Insipración and In the shadow of the golden Buddhas, they propose superpositions of saxophones, in the first case, and flutes, in the second, which contrast states of extreme tension with resolutions that converge towards an absolute calm.




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