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  • Viva Belice - (2009)  



Members featured in the album

  • Viva Belice - (2009)  







Guest musicians:

FERNANDO GALLARDO - Violin, accordion, zampoña, keyboards and percussion





Héctor “Daddy” Antogna was one of the most original drummers that came out from Argentinian Rock. He was among the first ones in Argentina to play irregular patterns along with a unique free style. During the 70’s he recorded in legendary records like Ave Rock’s self-titled first album, Orion’s Beethoven’s SuperAngel , and played hundreds of gigs with different projects. In the 80’s an unfortunate accident put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but after years of rehabilitation he started to play again with and adapted drum-kit.

After various musical experiences, in late 2006 is formed Daddy Antogna y Los de Helio with Nicolas Diab (bass), Fernando de la Vega (drums) and Alan Courtis on guitar. Nicolas Diab and Fernando de la Vega are members of the group Las Orejas y la Lengua, who released the albums “La Eminencia inobjetable” y “Error”. Both CDs are distributed in the country and abroad and were very favorably received by audiences and critics around the globe.

Alan Courtis is one of the founders of Reynols group. Has over 200 albums released worldwide, he has collaborated with musicians such as Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Pauline Oliveros, Yoshimi (Boredoms), Damo Suzuki (Can), Eddie Prévost (AMM), Chris Corsano, John Oswald, etc. and he has toured extensively in Japan, Europe and the United States.

Daddy Antogna y Los de Helio been presented live from the beginning and have already played in different halls of Buenos Aires as: Espacio Ecléctico, Hotel Bauen, Espacio Tucumán, La Carbonera and Teatro 25 de Mayo.. In turn have published several news stories about the band in graphics and digital media such as: Página/12, Rolling Stone, Periódico El Cisne, La Historia del Rock, etc.

Internationally Daddy's work has been included in the site Musicability ( Internet network that gathers artists with disabilities around the world and the American Dream Magazine magazine in its latest issue has dedicated a extensive interview and has included his historic drums solo on the CD.

In early 2008 the director Thomas Grounauer began shooting a documentary about the band. In August 2008 a work-in-progress of the film in the National Bibliteca within the cycle “La Nave de los Sueños” was presented. The final version of the film “Helio: más liviano que el aire” will be screened at various festivals and theaters in the country and abroad.

Daddy Antogna y Los de Helio edited by mid-2009 their first album “Viva Belice” through Viajero Inmóvil Records label, which marks the return of Daddy record after more than three decades.

The band continued to perform and record music until "Daddy" Antogna died unexpectedly in May 2014.

A couple of months earlier, in late 2013 he had met with his Rock Ave co-former members, with whom he played in La Perla and planned to record new songs, unfortunately both projects were truncated.




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