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  • Una especie de mutante - (2009)
  • Los malos de verdad - (2011)



Members featured in the album

  • Una especie de mutante - (2009)

EL MANU - Electric, criolla & acoustic guitar and drums

EL SR. PETA - Electric & acoustic guitar, effects and noises

EL MAGNÍFICO TOM - Drums and percussion

SU HERMANO PIPE - Keyboards, synths, noises and samples

EL Sr. MARIANO SILVERMAN - Bass and electric & acoustic guitar


Members featured in the album

  • Los malos de verdad - (2011)

SU HERMANO PIPE - Keyboards, noises and synth

MARIANO NEKO - Bass and Evil voice

TOM - Vocals, matusa, harmonica, sampled voices and drums

MANU - Guitar and sampled voices

EL PETA - Guitar

SUB COMANDANTE BROWN - Idol and legend of the people

MIKE ONTRY - Mutant leader

8TH MAN - The ghost machine




Go-Neko! born in early 2004, when Manu and Peta decide to play together and intercommunicate telepathically with Mariano, who was in Costa Rica fighting for his life. Upon Mariano returning from the distant Central America, they decide to call Lucas to spank the drums.

With this formation they recorded their first EP titled Go-Neko!

A midyear, enter Pipe on keyboards, effects, vocals, etc. to give a magical touch to the band. Virtually released their first EP through Mamushka Dogs Records, a virtual label. After a while, Lucas decides to leave the band. Manu, about to commit suicide by jumping from the 2nd floor of his room at the Hilton, decides to call Tom, brother Pipe, to take a chance on drums. After several tests, they play live for the first time this training on Saturday 19 August 2006, the year of the Gregorian Calendar.

In September 2007 they win the contest “Conexión: 07” organized by the magazine Inrockuptibles and Alianza Francesa. As a reward, they are presented in Niceto Club.

In July 2008 they released their first LP. From that moment of planetary alignment, the world knows Go-Neko! They are currently playing anywhere where the wind and cosmic combi take them.

The Music of Go-Neko! It is strongly influenced by the styles called Space-Rock, Kraut, Indie and bands like The Beta Band, Spiritualized, The Flaming Lips, Pixies, Spacemen 3, Neu !, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and many others.




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