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DEVENTTER Discography The 7th dimension (2007) Members featured in the album The 7th dimension (2007) FELIPE SCHÄFFER - Vocals CAIO TEIXEIRA - Percussion ANDRÉ GARIOTTI - Bass DANILO PILLA ASSUMPÇÃO - Guitar ANDRÉ MARENGO - Guitar HUGO BERTOLACCINI - Keyboards Still in search for a singer, Hugo Bertolaccini contacted Daniel Reinaux (some fun guy found on the internet), who decided to assume the microphones of Deventter. The band seemed complete, but it was only on the first rehearsal that all members concluded that Danilo Pilla (G) had to become a member of Deventter (no rhymes allowed here!). The rehearsal started with the five original members, but after a short breake, Danilo Pilla, André Marengo’s old friend, assumed the guitar and played some jam with the members. From that point on, it was decided: he definetely had to join the band! Deventter had welcomed another guitar player, but, shortly after that, Daniel Reinaux had to leave the band. Therefore, Deventter got back to (once again) an instrumental band, what wasn’t in the plans. No sooner had Danilo Pilla joined the band than the compositions began. The work had just started and the members were getting to know each other. The time passes and Deventter faces another loss: André Gabriotti decided to leave the band because of personal issues. The band now had only two guitars, keyboards and drums. However, the compositions continued. After some auditions, Voodo Shyne assumed the bass. Deventter’s vivid spirit got back and the music started to sound more Hard Rock due to Voodoo’s influences. The search for a singer was not over. That’s when Danilo Pilla met his friend, Victor Höring, and asked him to join the band. He accepted the invitation and started to rehearse with Deventter. After few months, Deventter and Victor Höring decided to follow different paths. His voice was very powerful and well-tuned, but the styles hadn’t matched. Voodoo’s exit came right after the loss of the singer. He decided to follow a solo career with the band Voodoo Shyne, an awesome Hard Rock project, which has become more than a partner to Deventter. Both bands have been working together in many aspects, such as marketing, producing shows and events, etc. Besides, Hugo Bertolaccini has recorded the keyboards of some songs for Voodoo’s newest album (self-entitled). Few weeks later, Deventter was proud to welcome back André Gabriotti (B). And shortly after that, Daniel Lotoy (V) joined the band. The formation was complete. On July 2005, Deventter got to the studio for the first time to record “Life”. Things were going well. However, weeks before Deventter gets to the studio again, Daniel Lotoy resolved to quit. Maybe, this was the most critical loss, because it happened througout the recording sessions. Consequently, “Paradox Of Self Destruction”, the second song on Deventter’s recording schedule, was recorded without vocals. With two new songs in hand, Hugo Bertolaccini and Danilo Pilla came through Felipe Schäffer, who promptly called the shot and assumed, once for all, Deventter’s microphones. The first thing to do was to record again the vocals on “Life”, what Felipe Schäffer did very well. Also, composed new vocal lines for the song. After facing many other difficulties, such as the loss (again!) of André Gabriotti, who left the band meanwhile the mixing sessions, Deventter concluded the album on December 2006. Thereupon, The 7th Dimension was ready to go, on February 2007. In search of a bassist, Danilo Pilla contacted Gustavo Gonçalves, a childhood friend and great musician, inviting him to complete the band. He accepted and played with the band on a gig in Campinas. After that, the members and Gustavo Gonçalves came to the conclusion that he was more inclined to another kind of music, and that he should follow his path without Deventter. Missing a bassist again, Caio Teixeira called his friend, Leonardo Milani, who had gone to the Deventter’s gig in Campinas, in which Gustavo Gonçalves participated. One day after, Deventter reached the present line-up. Deventter is now on – what we call – the second step, i.e, promoting the new album. Gigs are becoming more frequent and people are getting to know the songs. Untill now, the feedback has been incredibly surprising and The 7th Dimension has been played on many radios around the world. Información: www.deventter