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HUMO DEL CAIRO Discography Humo del Cairo (2007) Vol. II (2011) Members featured in the album Humo del Cairo (2007) JUAN MANUEL DÍAZ - Guitar and vocals JAVIER MURILLO - Drums GUSTAVO BIANCHI - Bass Members featured in the album Vol. II (2011) JUAN MANUEL DÍAZ - Guitar and vocals GUSTAVO BIANCHI - Bass GONZALO GRECO - Drums Humo del Cairo is a Psycho Heavy Rock trio, formed by the end of 2005 by Juan Manuel Diaz, Javier Murillo and Gustavo Bianchi's later incorporation . Inspired by late 60´s and 70´s cult bands plus the particular influences of each member, the group achieved a powerful, raw and very personal style, being able to retrieve sounds from past decades and to generate musical sensations that go from extreme and aggressive riffs, going through hypnotic and psychedelic situations, to the most acid jams of Latin and progressive roots. With all that added to a devastating live presence, the band cannot stop getting praises and good auguries from colleagues, critics and fans from their very first and arsonists gigs, loaded with mysticism and aggressiveness. we are looking for recording and distributing labes to release and distribute our music all over the world. Information: www.humodel