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  • El festival de los viajes - (2007)
  • El Andante - (2008) EP
  • Disparen! - (2009)
  • Los Altos - (2011) EP
  • La reserva de los lieros - (2012)



Members featured in the album

  • El festival de los viajes - (2007)


FEDERICO WOLMAN - Vocals, piano Rhodes and synths

MATHIAS HARBEK - Electric guitars

MARTÍN RODRÍGUEZ - Bass and acoustic guitars

ADRIÁN FELCMAN - Drums, piano Rhodes and synths

MARTÍN FURIA - Vocals and guitars


Members featured in the album

  • Disparen! - (2009)


SABINA SCHAPIRO - Vocals, melodica and celestín

FEDERICO WOLMAN - Vocals, synths and mellotron

ADRIÁN FELCMAN - Drums and percussion, organ and chorus

MARTÍN RODRÍGUEZ - Bass, acoustic & spanish guitar and chorus

MATHIAS HARBEK - Acoustic & spanish guitar, electric sitar, mellotron and chorus


Members featured in the album

  • La reserva de los lieros - (2012)


SABINA SCHAPIRO - Vocals, melodica and percussion

FEDERICO WOLMAN - Vocals, organ and synths

MATHIAS HARBEK - Guitars and electric sitar

ANDRÉS ZORRO FÉLIX ALMIRÓN - Guitars, percussion and chorus

MARTÍN RODRÍGUEZ - Bass and chorus

ADRIÁN FELCMAN - Drums and percussion, synths and chorus


Guest musician:

NORMAN Mc LAUGHLIN - Organ and synths




El Festival de los Viajes can be defined as a Psychedelic ensemble are looking for, from simple sound mantras, transporting the listener to their own underworlds. A fantastic journey, full of landscapes and visions projected unusual language and liturgy in the local Rock scene. El Festival de los Viajes invites us to participate in the great cosmic game, getting into Morricone climates of the great classics of western ("The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"), Can (and old Kraut school) and Joe Meek more experimental. At the same time, it tends an imaginary bridge between the present and the past, honoring the first massive Psychedelic parties of the mid-'60s and its participants. El Festival de los Viajes formally born in early 2005, but its gestation dates from the beginning of the new millennium, back in 2000. They are a kind of members selected extracted from the most interesting (and certainly prestigious) Buenos Aires underground bands terrain: we talk about Dragonauta, Los Kahunas, Poseidótica, Jesus Martyr and FrentzMoon.

Soon after composing the songs from their first album, which is released in 2007. With the release of this first album self-titled, composed of eight sequences of almost filmic consistency, the group achieved very good effect by the specialized press both locally and internationally, besides gaining notoriety from its vibrant live performances.

In 2008 appears “El Andante” (edited by the digital label Mamushka Dogs), an EP of 3 songs of experimental cut further widened the sound range of the group and served as a snack during the months before the release of “Disparen!”, the second album of the band.

The third album of El Festival de los Viajes was called “La reserva de los lieros” it was published in 2012 and continues on the path of Psychedelic Rock, featuring ten songs with some epic climate in their sound and lyrics very flown that play with the limits of imagination. The album was released by Aquatalan Records and Sadness Records, with production of Norman MacLaughlin, and unlike his two previous works, has more danceable melodies.




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