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VIOLETA DE OUTONO Discography Violeta De Outono (1986) EP Melhores de 86 Bizz/TNK (1987) LP Violeta De Outono (1987) LP The Early Years (1988) Cass Em Toda Parte (1989) LP Violeta De Outono Compilation (1995) Eclipse Ao Vivo São Paulo (1995) Rumo Leste (1995) Cass Ilhas (2005) Violeta De Outono & Orquestra (2006) DVD Volume 7 (2007) Espectro (2012) Members featured in the album Ilhas (2005) FABIO GOLFETTI - Electric and classic guitar, sitar and vocals ANGELO PASTORELLO - Bass, classic guitar and moog Guest musicians: GREGOR IZIRDO - Drums FABIO RIBEIRO - Organ, piano and synth NADIE PATAPAS - Vocals JOAO PARAHYBA - Percussion Members featured in the album Violeta De Outono & Orquestra (2006) DVD CLAUDIO SOUZA - Drums FABIO GOLFETTI - Guitars and vocals ANGELO PASTORELLO - Bass, craviola and moog Guest musicians: USP SYNPHONIC ORCHESTRA - Conducted by Juliano Suzuki Members featured in the album Volume 7 (2007) FABIO GOLFETTI - Guitars and vocals GABRIEL COSTA - Bass CLAUDIO SOUZA - Drums FERNANDO CARDOSO - Hammond organ, piano and synth Members featured in the album Espectro (2012) FABIO GOLFETTI - Guitars and vocals GABRIEL COSTA - Bass and backing vocal FERNANDO CARDOSO - Hammond organ, piano and synth JOSÉ LUIZ DINÓLA - Drums and backing vocal Guest musicians: GABRIEL GOLFETTI - Ocarina FRED BARLEY - Drums 1984 March • Sporadic meetings in a basement in the district of Pinheiros, São Paulo, originated the band formed by Fabio Golfetti, Claudio Souza (ex-members of the first formation of the band Zero) and Angelo Pastorello. The sound, a result of the integration of psychedelic/progressive rock and elements of contemporary art such as architecture and visual arts. 1985 November • In a small two-channel tape-recorder is registered the first demotape containing "Outono", "Dia Eterno", "Declínio De Maio" and "Reflexos Da Noite". December 12th • Takes place the first public appearance of Violeta De Outono, invited to support the band Sotaque (Dialect) at Lira Paulistana theatre, in São Paulo. 1986 February • Alternative radios in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre start to play the demotape. March/June • The increase of night clubs dedicated to playing alternative music facilitates the emergency of small rock bands and multiply the shows of the band in São Paulo. At the same time, the specialised record shop Wop-Bop creates its own independent label and invites Violeta De Outono to open it, recording its first vinyl. July • Beginning of the recording by the label Wob-Bop in Country Produções studio. September • Release of the EP "Violeta De Outono", recorded in 8 channels; the record appears as the definite mark of the band's sonority. For the release of its first record, the band toured São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro; also plays on the show "Vivendo e não Aprendendo" of Ira! at Praça do Relógio - USP, to approximately 10.000 people. November • A new label is emerging in the recording market and Violeta De Outono once more is invited to make the opening, this turn the label Plug, of BMG-Ariola, dedicated exclusively to alternative rock music. Meanwhile, the band travels through São Paulo state, performs again in Rio de Janeiro and marks its presence in São Paulo with a series of shows at Sesc Pompéia. 1987 February • Ranking 2nd in the critics' and 1st in the readers' election, Violeta De Outono is considered the Revelation Band of 1986 by Bizz magazine and receives the award in an event that crowded Carlos Gomes theatre, in Rio de Janeiro. March/May • Time of the recording in the studios of BMG-Ariola (RCA then), in São Paulo. July • The LP "Violeta De Outono" arrives at the shops, registering the repertoire that was being presented in the many gigs of the band since its beginning, in addition to the remake of "Outono" and of the consecrated cover 'Tomorrow Never Knows", of Beatles. At the Observatório Nacional, in Rio de Janeiro, is taped the videoclip "Dia Eterno". July/November • The new album is released with shows in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. December 12th • With the transmission of a live performance from the studios of 89 FM the band celebrates, together with the radio, 2 years of existence and originates the programme "Ensaio Geral". 1988 February • New election of BIZZ magazine and the new LP's cover is considered the 2nd best of 1987 by the critics and public. An old idea of Wop-Bop label and the band - to release an EP of covers - comes true with the signing of a contract. May • Begins the recording of the EP in the studio Softsynk in São Paulo with the producer RH Jackson. With "The Early Years", Violeta De Outono gets closer to other musicians through the sax of Livio Tragtenberg and its arrangements for a chords trio, in addition to the definite register of the influences that marked the development of the band. August • The work being produced in the studios is performed live at MASP (São Paulo Art Museum) auditorium, during three days. October • Begins the recording of the 4th album. Produced by RH Jackson and Fabio Golfetti, the new work will add new hues of sounds to Violeta De Outono's style through the use of ethnic instruments synthetized electronically and samplers. 1989 March • Having passed through a studio of electronic production and then finalised in the studios of BMG-Ariola, it is initiated the mixing of the LP "Em Toda Parte". July 3rd • Delays in the pressing hinder the arrival of the LP to the shops in the expected time, but Violeta performs the new record, still in master tape - in addition to all his career - in a 2,5 hour programme at Brasil 2000 FM, São Paulo. August • The LP "Em Toda Parte" arrives at the shops and Wop-Bop releases the work with covers "The Early Days" in cassette, in a limited edition of 500 copies. October • Shows for the release of the album "Em Toda Parte" in São Paulo. At the same time Wop-Bop releases the first single of Ópera Invisível, solo work of Fábio Golfetti linked to the poet-musician Daevid Allen, of Gong. The single "Numa Pesoa Só" was included among the best of the year in the independent parade of the programme 12 O'Clock Rock, of California's radio KPFK. November • Gig in Porto Alegre, in OSPA theatre and special taping for TV Educativa. 1990 January • During a pause in the rehearsals and shows, Violeta De Outono begins an interchange with independent distributors from U.S.A., among them Wayside Music. June - Claudio Souza leaves the band for a while. He is substituted in some shows by Claudio Fontes (Faces & Fases and Edgar Scandurra band). 28th • Gig at Circo Voador to 3.000 people. 1991 January • Begins the recording of the material for the first album of Ópera Invisível, which counts with Fabio, May East and Renato Mello. June 21st • First live materialisation of Ópera Invisível (Invisible Opera) in Projeto Atmosferas, at SESC Pompéia, SP. July 11th • Gig of Violeta De Outono at Aeroanta, with Claudio Fontes on the drums and Renato Mello on the saxophone. 1992 March • Claudio Souza comes back to some rehearsals. May 15th • Unced-92, Invisible Opera represented by Fabio Golfetti, RH Jackson and Daevid Allen Solo plays live in Projeto Omame at Teatro Nacional in Brasília. December • Fabio and Angelo get together to initiate new compositions. Invisible Opera performs at Templo Bar with Naide Patapas on vocals. 1993 April/July • In travel to Asia, particularly Nepal, Fabio gathers ideas for his first solo album "Glissando Spirit", released by Low Life label. December 16th • Fabio Golfetti performs his new compositions of "Glissando Spirit" in "Clip Independente" programme at Brasil 2000 FM, in addition to some acoustic versions of Violeta De Outono. 17th • Performance of Violeta De Outono at the anniversary show of 89 FM. 18th • Show for the release of the album "Glissando Spirit" at Teatro Hall, in São Paulo, with Fabio Golfetti performing solo, accompanied by electronic programming. Angelo Pastorello was in charge of the lights and projections of the show. 1994 February • Fabio contacts Claudio Souza for a series of shows of Invisible Opera (Invisible Opera Company of Tibet), among them the BHRIF in Belo Horizonte, on August 13th. October 12th • Voleta De Outono is back for a gig in Centro Cultural São Paulo and prepares new songs for a new album. November • A new demotape is recorded in the Invisível studio and the song "Dedicado a Você" is included in the programming of 97 Rock FM of São Paulo. 1995 March • A series of rehearsals of Violeta De Outono in the studio Quorum and the recording of the new demotape "Rumo Leste" (May) outlining "Mulher na Montanha", "Outro Lado" and "Total Silêncio". Recording of the songs "Astronomy Dominé", "Outro Lado" e "Dia Eterno" for Lado B programme of Fabio Massari, in MTV. June • With the resurgence of the label Plug, BMG-Ariola reedits in one CD the LPs "Violeta De Outono" e "Em Toda Parte". The albums were remasterized at Cia. De Áudio in São Paulo, using an innovator technique of audio recovery. At the same time, the independent label Record Runner edits the CD "Eclipse", which contains a live performance of Violeta De Outono at SESC Pompéia in 1986, in addition to 4 unreleased versions of the cassette "The Early Years", recorded in 1988. 8th • Programme "Clip Independente" at Brasil 2000 FM. Violeta De Outono performs its new repertoire. 16th, 17th, and 18th • Gig for the release of the CDs at SESC Pompéia in São Paulo. In addition to the celebration of 10 years of activities of the band, Violeta De Outono performs live the new repertoire. October 28th • Halloween Rock São Paulo - Violeta De Outono is invited to take part in a performance of Coffin Joe. VDO entered playing "Sombras Flutuantes", while a procession brought Joe's coffin to the stage. Suddenly the coffin opens and Joe bewitches the audience. The show was part of the celebration of 50 years of career of Coffin Joe. November • Violeta De Outono goes to the studio to record 3 songs. BeBop studio in São Paulo was chosen due to the intention of the band to record a special sound for live drums. The following songs were recorded: "Mulher Na Montanha", "Lírio de Vidro" e "Outro Lado" with the special guest Fabio Ribeiro on keyboards from the progressive band "Blezqi Zatsaz" and the singer Eloá. The material would take part of a compact CD to be released in the beginning of 1996. 15th • Gig at Centro Cultural São Paulo with the special participation of Fabio Ribeiro. Violeta De Outono plays a special arrangement for the composition "Echoes" of Pink Floyd. Information: