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  • Superángel - (1973)
  • Tercer milenio - (1977)



Members featured in the album

  • Superángel - (1973)


ADRIÁN BAR - Electric & acoustic guitars and vocals

RONAN BAR - Bass, 8 strings bass, organ and lead vocals

JOSÉ LUIS GONZÁLEZ - Drums and percussion


Guest musicians:

"Chachi" FERREYRA - Saxs

HÉCTOR "Daddy" ANTOGNA - Congas

LUZ KERZ - Vocals



Members featured in the album

  • Tercer milenio - (1977)


ADRIÁN BAR - Electric & acoustic guitars

RONAN BAR - Bass, mellotron, organ and vocals

PETTY GUELACHE - Lead vocals and Spanish guitar

JOSÉ LUIS GONZÁLEZ - Drums and percussion


Guest musicians:




LUZ KERZ - Chorus

MARA LUA - Chorus

RICARDO SINGER - Vocal effects




First Argentine band to adapt Classical Music to the rhythm of Rock, something that later led to Symphonic Rock.

This group debuted in 1969, at the Beat Music Festival. By 1970 they appeared almost constantly at the Instituto Di Tella and, on several occasions, as opening act for Luis Alberto Spinetta.

In November 1971 he participated in B.A.Rock II and in April '72 he launched his own show, at the Premier Theater. As a result of the success obtained, they were summoned for El B.A.Rock III and the film “Rock hasta que se ponga el sol”.

For the appearance of the first album (“Superángel”, 1973) Jorge Liechtenstein replaced González on drums. Although this is one of the most enduring groups of Argentine rock, the biggest obstacle it encountered was the difficulty in recording the second plate, a fact that brought them to the brink of dissolution in 1975 and '76.

After "Superangel", after several years, and with a new singer named Petty Guelache, they would record an album called "Tercer Milenio", an icon of heavy rock, which consolidated them together with El Reloj, Plus and Aeroblus (these from Brazil). as one of the hard bands that were the prelude to metal in Argentina, until the arrival of Riff and V8. Make a presentation tour of this new material, already with a less symphonic style.

The "separation" would come shortly after this second album, a separation in quotation marks because later they returned to the early 80's with 2 albums under the name of Orions, which, as I told you, immortalized them with the hit Hasta que se salga el sol".



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