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  • Ask the rabbit - (2005)  




Members featured in the album

  • Ask the rabbit - (2005)  





CLAUDIO J. RODRÍGUEZ - Lead vocal and guitar


Guest musicians:

JUAN J. LÓPEZ - Keyboards and sound FX






The name Fraktal is the last of several names the band has had. Claudio Rodriguez started this long trip, and was later joined by Federico Fariña in guitar. Hector Valdecantos was the band's bassist for a few years and he contributed with some great ideas that are now part of Fraktal 's final profile. After a couple of drummers, Humberto Salazar finally became the band's official drummer. Fraktal  started as a covers band (U2, BJORK, RDIOHEAD) but then they slowly shifted to a very special kind of music, full of a potent melancholy and a romantic existential sadness.

Bassist Luciano Garbero, who had played in several local bands, joins the band by the end of 2003. Thus, Fraktal 's last formation (Claudio Rodriguez, Federico Fariña, Humberto Salazar, Luciano Garbero) is the one which records their first album “Ask the rabbit”, in 2004.

After the album's presentation and some other performances in Tucumán, Garbero decides to leave the band. A rather long period of search and reflection starts there. While guitarist Federico Fariña is travelling around Europe, bassist Soledad Repezza joins the band. At present, Fraktal's members are in the process of writing new songs for their next album, while rehearsing for forecoming performances.

Ask the rabbit, the album

The songs in the album take their final shape at the end of 2003, and so the band decides to enter the recording studio in December that year. The mastering and mixing process finishes by June 2004. The album gets very good reviews from critics from music magazines and music sites.

"The name of the album is real-non-sense. A question-answer. Each song has its own identity. We never intended to make a theme-album, but it ended up being very homogeneous, with no main or secondary songs. In every song we tried to match the melodic component together with lyrics that could reflect our way of feeling and perceiving the world. We have not included a manual for people to follow instructions about how to feel or understand our music. Everyone will feel whatever their sensitivity allows them to feel.

Fraktal`s profile

We use our depression as marketing. We could not be able to transmit happiness or any other expression of joy because we do not feel it. Our purpose is not to depress or bore people, but to share our tragic view of existence. There is no hope. We want to be honest and do what we like best: music.




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