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  • Lágrima / Sursolide suite - (1982)  
  • Discurso aos objetos - (1984)  
  • “Se…” - (1987-89)
  • Africasiamerica - (2006)  



Members featured in the album

  •  “Se…” - (1987-89)


LELO NAZARIO - Keyboards and electric sounds

TECO CARDOSO - Soprano, high and baritone sax, flute and synthesized flute

RODOLFO STOETER - Electric bass

NENÉ - Drums and percussion


Guest musicians:

PAULO BELLINATI - Synthesized guitar

ZECA ASSUMPÇÃO - Acoustic bass

EDGARD GIANULLO - Electric guitar SABELE - Vocals

ZÉ EDUARDO NAZARIO - Drums, tablas and percussion


Members featured in the album

  • Africasiamerica - (2006)  


LELO NAZARIO - Keyboards andsamples


TECO CARDOSO - Flute and soprano sax

BENJAMIN TAUBKIN - Piano and keyboards

ALVARO FARIA - Drums and percussion


GUELLO - Percussion



The composer, pianist and music producer Lelo Nazario is synonymous with experimentation and timelessness. Try to investigate and break new ground, timelessness, because not limited to once or a style. In more than thirty years career, he created a unique and award-winning play, based on cutting-edge fusion of different languages ??and traditional rhythms, which gives a stimulating impulse to Brazilian music.

Internationally recognized as the creator of a unique style that explores the boundaries between Contemporary Music and Popular, he wrote music for piano, orchestra and participated in groups of different origins and Electroacoustic Music and tracks for film, television, opera, dance and theater.

At 17 he was already part of the group of Hermeto Pascoal and his brother, the drummer Zé Eduardo Nazario. He directed the Grupo Um, one of the boldest and dense musical experiments in the country. Composed of Pau Brasil, another important reference of Brazilian Music, winning the Sharp Award for Best Instrumental Group in 1998, and received a Grammy nomination in the category of Jazz.

He created Utopia Studio and has released five solo albums, each of which explores different musical ideas, while showing an elaborate music, technically well done and consistent in its proposal to seek a constant reinvention. In 2007 he was considered one of the best musicians of the year by the Annual Survey Station Jazz - The Best Jazz.

He composed orchestral works of the Symphonic Band of the State of São Paulo, as well as the Opera House 500, Naum Alves de Souza, held on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of America. He wrote Hans Staden (with Marlui Miranda), awarded as the best soundtrack at the Brasilia Film Festival in 2000.

He formed the Symmetric Ensemble, Duo Nazario, the trio Percussônica. His work has appeared in concerts and festivals in Brazil and abroad, the Biennale of Contemporary Music in Rio de Janeiro, the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles in Austria, the Festival de Jazz de São Paulo, the International Festival des Musiques d'Aujourd 'hui, GMEM in Marseille, France, and the sample of the International Association of Jazz Educators of New York.

As a pianist, arranger and musical director, he has performed in numerous concerts and albums by artists. With his own groups, he has published more than a dozen albums and toured throughout Europe and the United States. He played alongside great names of Classical and Popular Music, including Almeida Prado, Hermeto Pascoal, Roberto Farias and Gil Jardim; Edu Lobo, Gilberto Gil, Nana Vasconcelos, John Scofield, Toninho Horta, Mauro Senise, Héctor Costita Paul Bellinati, Roberto Sion, Benjamin Taubkin, Zeca Assumpção, Jon H. Applet, among many others.

Lelo Nazario makes a genuinely Brazilian music Vanguardia. His creative ability, his body of work and achievements, his experiments and innovative experiences attest to its importance and artistic projection, as well as an important contribution to the Brazilian Contemporary Music.


Information: Official site of Lelo Nazario