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  • De tiempos pasados - (1983) 



Members featured in the album

  • De tiempos pasados - (1983) 


ESTEBAN CERIONI - Fender Precission bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Rickenbaker bass, acoustic guitar, Yamaha CP 70 piano, Polymoog, vocals and chorus


Guest musicians:

ERNESTO DMITRUK - Electric & processed guitars

CARLOS GARÓFALO - Electric guitar and chorus

DANIEL “Tuerto” WIRTZ - Drums

RICARDO MOLLO - Electric guitars

FITO PÁEZ - Rhodes piano & Yamaha CP 70 piano

JORGE MINISSALE - Electric guitars

LITO VITALE - Mini Moog synth

RUBÉN GOLDÍN - Acoustic guitar and chorus

“Zappo” AGUILERA - Percussion


MIGUEL PÉREZ “Yuelze” - Flute and aerophones





Argentina's Progressive scene is not characterized by have many worthy examples for the 80s. It's disappointing then that material like this has been ruled out for publication.

Esteban (Cerioni) is a musician widely recognized for have been a member of the newly reunited Redd and also belong to La Pequeña Banda de Tricupa, a group of mythical features in the history of Argentine Rock, that did not break official recordings.

According to his comments, which appear on the CD cover, the end of his time with Redd is the musician with a musical history in which have belonged to several groups with compositions that pride, but that had not been recorded.

Therefore it meets a real battalion of musicians among which we can name Lito Vitale, Fito Paez, Ruben Goldin, Yuelze, Daniel Wirtz, Ricardo Mollo and members of Trigémino among others, to new songs belonging to Redd, Tricupa, Trigémino and two lesser-known bands that integrate Cerioni, Vassa, a group of the late 70s and La Piedra group was active between 73 and 74.

Many came to this CD eager to find similarities with the work of Redd.

It can be said that in this sense I think will not be disappointed: the quality of the prestigious band of Tucuman, which seems to have been a permanent feature in this Cerioni present there.

The compositions are more than attractive and fortunately avoid falling into the clichés so typical of '80s Rock, silly melodies, always danceable rhythms, drum machines simplistic harmonies and instrumentations, etc., etc.

Quite the opposite work musician seems aimed at harnessing the resources of the moment and without sounding retrograde preserve the seventies spirit in subjects in which the musicians are gleefully widely showing its virtues always depending on the musical. Cerioni shown their capabilities in charge of bass, guitars, keyboards and proving that you can not only deal with the chorus when it comes to singing.

A pleasant surprise for fans of Argentine Progressive Rock.




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