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  • Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur - (1975)



Members featured in the album

  • Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur - (1975)


MIGUEL CANTILO - Acoustic guitar and vocals

WILLY PEDEMONTE - Electric guitars

ALEJANDRO MARASSI - Bass and vocals

DIEGO VILLANUEVA - Drums, tablas and vocals


Guest musicians:


HAROTIUM - Kemanchá




SUR vocals:

Maria José Cantilo (Mariacho), Bárbara Abeledo, Morci Requena, Harotium, Isa Portugueis, Meneca Paul, Ana y Jaime Venegas.


Chorus director:





Shortly after recording Conesa with Pedro y Pablo, Miguel Cantilo (Pedro) moved to El Bolsón with Kubero D iacute;az (ex-La Cofradía de la Flor Solar). El Bolsón is a town sited at the bottom of The Andes, at La Patagonia, the Southern part of Argentina. In those days El Bolsón used to be the paradise of hippies, musicians, craftsmen and young people disappointed with city life. Surrounded by such inspiring environment, Cantilo and Díaz wrote several songs before forming a group.

A year later el Grupo Sur recorded these songs in a 26-hour session that also featured Jorge Pinchevsky on violin, Harotium on kemanchá (an Armenian instrument), Gastón Cubillas on sax and Isa Portughéis on tabla as guesses. However, this brilliant album was not released until 1975.

This is probably Miguel Cantilo’s best ever record. A truly piece of hippie art, the LP features a beautiful mystic psychedelic cover drawn by Rafael Safleur and several songs to point out. "Sur alabanzas" -with great guitar work; "Musi" -with a great Pedemonte solo; the psycho-folky "Una manera de llegar" -with Pinchevsky’s fiddle and good backing vocals; "La leyenda del retorno" -with the full blown band; and "Algo está por suceder" -previously recorded by Kubero on his solo album. Overall, the album is enhanced by the great job of Willy Pedemonte on guitar (formerly bass player for Piel de Pueblo).

Cantilo went back to El Bolsón and later on moved to Europe. He returned to Argentina in the late 70s with a new-wave group (Punch). He alternates his solo work with Pedro y Pablo reunions.

The highly recommended Cantilo y Grupo Sur LP is extremely rare to get, since it went unnoticed, and has not been reissued so far.




* “The Magic Land” book