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KLAUSS Discography Cielos móviles (1997) Metales perfectos (2000) Antología 1994-2004 (2006) E (2009) Members featured in the album Metales perfectos (2000) ERNESTO ROMEO - Synths, mellotron, samplers, electric piano, organs, vocoder, electronic drums, harmonium, secuencers, computer and processors. ALEJANDRO VÁZQUEZ - Synths, samplers, guitars, secuencers, computer, organ, percussion and processors. Members featured in the album E (2009) ERNESTO ROMEO - Synths and modular systems, electric & acoustic pianos, electronic drums & percusión synth, clavinet, mellotron, vocoder, secuencers, samplers, computers and processors. FRANCISCO NICOSIA - Synths, electric piano, samplers, guitars, secuencers, computer, Farfisa organ, percusión and processors. Guest musicians: ALEJANDRO VÁZQUEZ - Synths, electric guitars, sampler, electric piano, organ, electronic drums and rhythm machina, percusión, processors, computer and vocals LUCAS ROMEO - Electric guitar and processors PABLO LEOCATA - Electric basses & synth basses ALEJANDRO PAVLOVIC - Electric guitar and processors JAVIER ZUBIZARRETA - Synth ARIEL MARANI - Synth and Moog ANDRÉS GALEOTTI - Synth Klauss is a duo composed of Ernesto Romeo and Francisco Nicosia and was created in 1988 by Ernesto Romeo and Alejandro Vazquez based on the idea of forming a group where the different schools of the electronic music and the contemporary progressive music could flow. The name of the duo is inspired in the actor Klaus Kinsky who had the leading role in the film "Nosferatu". The group bases its works on a minimalist rhythmic (mainly based on sequencers) and on a non-traditional electronic instrumentation creating oneiric environments and symphonic textures within a space open to sound experimentation and improvisation. Klauss is well-known for the intensive use of electronic, analog, and digital equipment deploying a complex and unusual instrumentation in the concerts; said equipment is also used in order to elaborate its compositions and adapt its repertoire and instruments to the climate suggested by each stage space, every performance being a unique event. Klauss has given concerts in several of the main stages of the City of Buenos Aires, and in Barcelona, Bogota, Montevideo, Madrid, and New York. By the end of 1997, Klauss edited "Cielos Móviles" ("Mobile Skies") with works composed between 1990 and 1995; at the beginning of 2000 "Metales Perfectos" ("Perfect Metals") was edited, a double album with the principal themes of the group´s repertoire since 1996 and several improvisations and new themes. Currently, Klauss is recording a new album and preparing its future presentations in New York city and in Europe and also editing its first album (unpublished) recorded between 1990 and 1991 which also contains some themes recorded in concerts throughout the last ten years. Information: