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EXSIMIO Discography Exsimio (1999) Carbono 14 (2005) Members featured in the album Exsimio (1999) CARLOS PÉREZ - Bass and voice CLAUDIO CORCIONE - Guitar JUAN IGNACIO "IÑAKI" VARELA - Guitar FERNANDO JARAMILLO - Drums Members featured in the album Exsimio (1999) CARLOS PÉREZ - Bass and voice FERNANDO JARAMILLO - Drums JUAN IGNACIO "IÑAKI" VARELA - Guitar CLAUDIO CORCIONE - Guitar The beginning of Exsimio, goes back to 1995. At that moment Carlos Pérez and Javier Caces were part of a project Bass-Drums. At the beginning of 1996 Claudio Corcione (ex - Vilú) and José Zamorano (Fractal) joined the group, both guitarists. They started working on their first compositions. However, the different interests provoked certain changes in the band. Therefore, Zamorano and Caces quit. In the middle of Iñaki Varela in guitar (ex - Vilú) and Guillermo Cruz in drums joined the group. With this line up they started playing live locally and the band started to make projects for the future. In February 1996 Guillermo Cruz left and in March appeared Fernando Jaramillo, who had been playing with Alter Ego. With the arrival of the new drummer Exsimio sound consolidated, became more stable and led on to make a demo in June 1998, with 4 live tracks, co-produced with Guillermo Maldonado (Estudio Araceli - Argentina), who later became the musical producer of the first album of the band. In January 1999, they started recording 11 tracks produced by Exsimio. After being granted the Fondart project (Fondo de Desarrollo de las Artes y Cultura), they mastered the album and released a limited edition of 700 copies. The record was finished in October 1999, when they were invited to play at the Modern Art Gallery Julie Rico in L.A.- California. The newspaper La Opinión, the music magazine Al Borde, and the TV program Tu Música (UHF 54 - East L.A.), covered the event. In December, they returned to Chile, where they released the album "Homónimo" and the video Clip "Cigoto". Nowadays, Exsimio is preparing new material and a second video clip. Information: