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MIGUEL Y EL COMITÉ Discography Para hacer música, para hacer ... (1972) Members featured in the album Para hacer música, para hacer ... (1972) MIGUEL A. LIVICHICH - Vocals, guitar and percussion WASHINGTON PECHETTO - Drums and percussion CACHO BENGOECHEA - Guitar JOSÉ MARÍA SANGUINETTI - Guitar GUSTAVO LUJÁN - Bass Led by Miguel Livichich (ex-El Sindykato) this band released an LP (Para hacer música para hacer -Sondor 33123-1972) and several singles on the same company. Basically a highly political-concerned candombe band with some rock touch. Information: LIMONADA Discography Limonada (1972) Members featured in the album Limonada (1972) WALTER CAMBÓN - Guitarra y voz DARDO MARTÍNEZ - Guitarra y piano RICARDO LANZA - Bajo y voz LUIS SOSA - Batería Band formed by Walter Cambón (ex El Kinto), Luis Sosa, Dardo Martínez and Ricardo Landa. Their only LP from 1972 (Limonada Sondor 33111) is an interesting fusion of candombe and rock. But the small ''marketing office'' of the record label was someplace else, and the record flopped. Information: LEO ANTÚNEZ Discography Un tal Leo Antúnez (1972) Members featured in the album Un tal Leo Antúnez (1972) LEO ANTÚNEZ - Voz JORGE SILVA- Guitarra JORGE BARRAL - Bajo YAMANDÚ PÉREZ - Batería One of the few soloists that played hard rock. His only LP from 1972(Un tal Leo Antunez -Macondo Gam 557) features Jorge Barral (Opus Alfa/Días de Blues), Yamandú Perez (Génesis/Moonlights) and Jorge Silva (Génesis) as guest stars. However, the album greatest achievement is to demonstrate how angry Leo Antúnez was. Information: