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THE KILLERS Discography Good bye (1972) Members featured in the album Good bye (1972) MARCELO BERRO - Vocals and guitar ROMANCHO BERRO - Drums and chorus ROBERTO LEVY - Guitar, keyboards and chorus JULIO MARTINEZ - Bass and chorus VIRGINIA BERRO VILLEGAS - Chorus INÉS BERRO VILLEGAS - Chorus High-class citizens of Montevideo, Los Killers achieved two extremely valuable advantages for the reduced local rock scene. First, they could afford expensive hi-tech gear. Second, they owned a wide record collection full of recent foreign editions -the ideal way to find hit covers for the shows. Their first single, released through Clave label, included a cover of the main theme of the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. Their second single was a cover of Bloodrock, something absolutely unusual at that time. Their only album (Goodbye) represents a turn of their covers politic, since it only included two. The original songs, nevertheless, are very well composed, arranged and executed.Marcelo Cress is particularly good on guitar. The best songs are ''After nothing'' and ''Sing Along'', with extensive guitar solos. Like so many other bands of that time, the military coup of 1973 put their career to an end. They moved to Spain where they continued working for some years.Their charismatic drummer, Romancho Berro, returned to Uruguay by the middle of the 80s to become manager and promoter. Information: LOS MOONLIGHTS Discography Moonlights (1972) Hoy (1976) Members featured in the album Moonlights (1972) SERGIO IRIARTE - Guitar and vocals GASTÓN CIARLO "DINO" - Guitar and vocals OSVALDO IRIARTE - Bass and vocals YAMANDÚ PEREZ - Drums LUIS ALBERTO RISSO - Drums Los Moonlights was, maybe next to Los Delfines, the band with the most steady schedule of work in Uruguay during the years that rock music was worth a living. Formed at the end the 60s, they to play live at the beginning of the following decade. Lead by the Iriarte brothers, and with a superb musician like Dino, Los Moonlights achieved a very important quantity of followers with their overwhelming sound of guitars and great vocalisations. After a couple of singles for Clave label, the group signed with the decisive De La Planta, where they recorded a very good album. Unaccountably, it has never been reissued! and is hard to get. Simply titled Moonlights, the LP contains such songs as "Vamos dulce muchacha" or the mega classic "Milonga de pelo largo" (Milonga of the long hair) a key tune to understand the feeling of that time and place.With the military coup of 1973, Los Moonlights, as so many others, suffered for the abrupt change of rules. Unlike most of the other bands, they attempted to survive and kept playing live until the effort proved useless. Following the commercial flop of their second album, the band split and Dino pursued a solo career. Information: LOS DELFINES Discography Estamos seguros (1970) Members featured in the album Estamos seguros (1970) JULIO "JULY" FONTENLA - Guitar and vocals JORGE "COYO" ABUCHALJA - Guitar and vocals MARIO AGUERRE - Bass and vocals ESTEBAN HIRSCHFIELD - Organ JORGE "CHOCHO" VILA - Drums and vocals Every now and then, musicians are good businessmen as well. Such it is the case, no doubt, of Los Delfines. Having begun their activity early in the 60's they developed a career where, unlike other Uruguayan bands, money was never a problem. Basically a pop act, with some rock licks (the b-side of their debut single was a cover of The Kinks' ''You Really Got Me''), Los Delfines released sporadic singles and played profitable performances that allowed them to acquire first rate gear. Toward the end of the decade, with Esteban Hirschfield (ex- Los Mockers), they cut their only album, a typical product of this era.Full of complicated arrangements, featuring strings, wind instruments and well-studied melodies the LP sounds today, at the distance, like many of the British groups of the time (Kaleidoscope, July, Honeybus, etc.) From direct rock ("Estamos seguros") to the psychedelia ("Look without seeing") to safe pop ("Todo") or a true jewel like (''Two blind mice").In short, Los Delfines are not recommended for searchers of long solos or disconcerting rhythm changes. But soft psycho pop lovers with sense of humour will be delighted. Shortly before separating, recorded some songs included on the compilation El sonido del año que viene, which is reviewed elsewhere. Finally, when things became difficult for all, Los Delfines split. Hirschfield moved to Spain. Information: