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JORGE BARRAL GÉNESIS Discography Génesis (1972) Nebulosa / Reflexión (1970) (Simple) Los pesos / La búsqueda (1971) (Simple) La plaza / María mañana (1971) (Simple) De mi cerro / En la ventana de un bar (1976) (Simple) Members featured in the album Génesis (1972) EDUARDO"EDDY" PATRÓN - Vocals and percussion RUBÉN LABORDE - Guitar and vocals JORGE SILVA - Guitar and vocals CARLOS SOUZA - Bass YAMANDÚ PÉREZ - Drums Génesis, benefited along the years with a casual name similarity with the English band, is one of the most peculiar groups of the Uruguayan rock. Formed in 1969, the band was a strongest live act, playing at blasting high volume with an Eduardo Patrón fascinated by Roger Daltrey's image. Their first two singles, released before the LP and both with picture sleeve, are straightforward hardrock tunes with a primitive production that emphasises the wild drumming and the Hendrix style guitar. Maybe considering that their singles had been a little too much, for their only LP the hard rock moves aside for a more experimental sound, based on the extensive Silva's guitar solos and the complex rhythmic drumming of Pérez, who displays all his knowledge in autochthonous rhythms.Best tracks are "Mañana","Ya", and "Solo voy despertando" (with superb guitar).The final result is interesting keeping an experimental atmosphere still inside the song-frame. By the middle of 1973 the group suffers severe line-up changes that are reflected in their last single, that went unnoticed. Years later Yamandú Pérez (after leaving Los Moonlights) would alternate his work in the construction business with part time jobs in the ''Canto Popular'' (Popular Song) movement. Information: JESÚS FIGUEROA Discography Jesús con todos (1973) Mágica fuente (1974) Members featured in the album Jesús con todos (1973) JESÚS FIGUEROA - Vocals DANIEL BERTOLONE - Guitar and double bass JORGE BARRAL - Acoustic guitar TONY HENDERSON - Harmonica CHANGO - Bass