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ENTRANCE Discography Entrance (1999) En la tierra (2002) Members featured in the album Entrance (1999) CLAUDIO MORICE - Vocals RICHARD PILNIK - Guitars ALAN ALVAREZ - Bass JAIME ROSAS - Keyboards ALEJANDRO DE LA CUADRA - Drums Members featured in the album En la tierra (2002) JAIME SCALPELLO - Vocals RICHARD PILNIK - Guitars RODRIGO GODOY - Bass and vocals JAIME ROSAS - Keyboards ALEX VON CHRISMAR - Drums The story of Entrance begins on december 1997 when Richard Pilnik (guitars), Alan Alvarez (bass), Claudio Morice (vocals) and Alejandro de la Cuadra (drums) replaced their keyboard player César Anguita, ex Polímetro, and began working with Jaime Rosas; togheter they decided to make a Progressive Rock oriented with one goal in mind: to compose music futher than popular structures and to explere a restrictionless style. The central idea was to create thinking only in music, without caring on commercial common sense and having spaces for the five members of the band. Entrance played live for the first time on April 1998 on Santiago's House Rock, invited by ARPROCH (Chilean Progressive Rock Association). Since at that time there where only three finished songs ("Mirada de luz", "Encerrado en su locura" and a third one the band never recorded) Entrance played mostly songs from their favorites bands: Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes, Journey, Queen, Dream Theather, Genesis, Rush and Deep Purple. In August of that year, Entrance signed a contract with the independent label Toxic Records and began the recording of their first work at HIT studios on September 18 (Chilean Independence Day). The process was long and paused and on May 1999, the work was finally done. On November 1999 Alejandro de la Cuadra was replaced by Alex Von Chrismar, debuting with great success on December 15 at Tomm Pub. With this new lineup Entrance promotes the album performing live in Santiago, showing a solid live performance and a big compromise. In December 2000, Alan Alvarez and Claudio Morice decided to leave the band to dedicate to commercial projects. Their are replaced by Jaime Scalpello (Vocals) and Rodrigo Godoy (Bass and Vocals). With this new lineup Entrance acquires more strenght and commitment, all of this is revealed in their live shows. In March 2001, Entrance start composing new music for the second album. The recording process begins in September. The new album contanins 4 new songs and a new version of "Alas fugaces". Finally in May 2002, "En la tierra" hit the stores. Information: