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  • El jardín suspendido - (1998)
  • Padre ritual - (1999)
  • Full Femme - (2000)
  • Metejón - (2001)
  • Noche en Madrid - (2002)
  • Compilado 1997/2003 + remixes - (2003)
  • Fan - (2004)
  • Alhambra -  (2004)
  • Alvear -  (2005)
  • Primicia - (2008)
  • A todas partes - (2013)



Members featured in the album

  • El jardín suspendido - (1998)


FERNANDO P. SAMALEA - Bandoneón, drums, glockenspiel, steel drum, Egyptian darbouka, balafón Marrocco tam-tam, cascabel, keyboards and miscelaneas


Guest musicians:

FENANDO KABUSACKI - Guitars, process and loops

DANIEL MELINGO - Clarinet and tenor sax

NIRANKAR SINGH KHALSA - Hindu Tabla, flautes, Egyptian darbouka, snail, hawk bells and shakers

TONY LEVIN - Double bass


Members featured in the album

  • Padre ritual - (1999)


FERNANDO P. SAMALEA - Bandoneón, glockenspiel, drums, crotals, balafón, darbouka, gongs, hawk bells, tymbal, keyboards and miscelaneas


Guest musicians:

MIGUEL GARCÍA - Rhodes piano, moog and synths

FENANDO KABUSACKI - Electric and synth guitars


MARÍA GABRIELA EPUMER - Electric guitars and e-bow

RAMIRO MUSOTTO - Berimbau and loop xavante

NURIA MARTINEZ - Tarkas, quenas, caja and charango

ZHANG DAMING - Narrative and Chinese poetry

TONY LEVIN - Bass and NS electric upright bass


Members featured in the album

  • Padre ritual - (1999)


FERNANDO P. SAMALEA - Bandoneón, vibraphone, glockenspiel, drums and percussion


Guest musicians:

MATÍAS MANGO - Piano, organ and synths

GUSTAVO CERATI - Electric & acoustic guitar

ALEJANDRO TERÁN - Viola, clarinet and tenor sax 

FENANDO KABUSACKI - Electric guitar

MIGUEL ANGEL TALLARITA - Trumpet andflugelhorn


TONY LEVIN - Double bass and bass




Fernando Samalea (bandonoeonist-drummer-composerr from Buenos Aires) who release CD-Books, instrumental music adn tales writing by himself. It's a blend of Tango, Jazz, Rock, Flamenco, Oriental & Electronic Music.

The music was recorded in trips to Morocco, Brazil, Spain, France, U.S.A. y Argentine with the support of musicians like Tony Levin, Nirankar Khalsa, Daniel Melingo, Fernando Kabusacki, Miguel García, Adalberto Cevasco, Horacio Icasto, Andrés Calamaro, Diego Galaz, María Albistur, Javier Malosetti, Bob Sands and the Gnawa Express Group.

During 1995-1996 he was an active promoter of the "Montecarlo Jazz Ensamble" two albums with María Gabriela Epumer and Chiche Bermúdez. The total benefits of which were intented to go to associations for the preservation of native reservation.

The project brought together more than fifty Argentine Rap, Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, Tango, Autoctonal and experimental artists, among them  Fat's Fernández, Jorge Navarro, Horacio Ferrer, Inti Huamaní, Horacio Minicillo, Dante Spinetta, Emmanuel Horvilleur and Lucas Martí.

In 1997 he recorded the conceptual CD "Hal 9000" together with piano player Mariano Gianni ad bassist Fernando Nolé, making versions of old Jazz pieces with bandoneón, electronic treatments and samplers of Kubrick's film "2001: a space odyssey".

He has participated since the mid-eighties - both as a drummer and bandoneón player - in Charly García's group, Illya Kuryaki & the Valderramas, Andrés Calamaro, Metrópoli, Clap, Fricción, |A - Tirador Láser|, Los Gauchos Alemanes, Daniel Melingo, Draco Cornelius Rosa, La Máscara Quartet, Man Ray, Contramano, Willy Crook, Alberto Lucas, Belmondo and Samalea-Kabusacki-García trio.

In Spain he recorded and touring with Joaquín Sabina, Luis Pastor, David Broza, Andrés Calamaro, María Eva Albistur, Leo Minas, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Los Cucas, Jorge Drexler, Los Lunes, DJ Kun, Andy Chango, La Tercera República, Alejo Stivel, Vanito Brown y Pasión Vega, among others.

In 2010 he won the  Premios Gardel for "Best Instrumental Album" with "Primicia".

Between March and April of 2017 he made the "Mototour" duet with the composer, singer and plastic artist Marina Fages. It was a South American motorcycle tour through Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Chile, in which they traveled to pure adventure more than 11,000 kilometers to offer 25 concerts.




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