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ACIDENTE Discography Quebre este disco (1990) Gloomland (1994) Farawayers (1996) Technolorgy (2002) Members featured in the album Quebre este disco (1990) JARBAS LOOP - Bass MARIO COSTA - Drums ZUNGA EZZAET - Electric guitars PAULO MALÁRIA - Synths Members featured in the album Gloomland (1994) JARBAS LOOP - Bass MARIO COSTA - Drums ZUNGA EZZAET - Electric guitars PAULO MALÁRIA - Synths Members featured in the album Farawayers (1996) ARY MENEZES - Bass MARIO COSTA - Drums ZUNGA EZZAET - Electric guitars PAULO MALÁRIA - Synths Members featured in the album Technolorgy (2002) ARY MENEZES - Bass and acoustic guitars MARIO COSTA - Drums RENATO BORGES - Electric guitars PAULO MALÁRIA - Synths ORK! For sure! After 4 years ACIDENTE gathered again and recorded the EXPO ROCK 2000 Supplement: extra bonus tracks to improve still more the re-release of QUEBRE ESTE DISCO, now on CD, fully remastered, on Rock Symphony Records to whom you may order it directly. Now enjoy once more that silly story below that you already know so well. The name ACIDENTE refers to 2 different bands in time, each one with its one style and mood. Founded 1978 by Journalism students, first ACIDENTE was much for blues and basic rock. It lasted 9 years, featured an amount of ever-changing moods and found its place in the indie rock scene of the early 80s - but, as many others, got smashed when a small amount of pop-rock groups sponsored by major labels took off all spaces. In 1987, original ACIDENTE disbanded leaving 31 tracks into 3 records, none available so far and worlds away from prog music at all. Through the next 2 years ACIDENTE remained only as a trademark and piles of unsold vinyls. Then, in mid1989, keyboardist/producer PAULO MALÁRIA formed a new studio band to compose and record instrumental progressive rock, without live acts. Joined the project guitarist ZUNGA EZZAET, bassist JARBAS LOOP and drummer BRUNO MEGA. As rehearsals developed, it was suggested that the new group could as well be named ACIDENTE, idea that found no opposition. This album, called '(Em caso de Acidente...) Quebre Este Disco', was recorded during late 1989 at an old-fashioned analog, 8-channel studio in an atmosphere of intense enthusiasm that would transcend all hurdles. By the beginning of 1990 this second ACIDENTE's debut album was released. Yet still an LP, it got a surprisingly nice reception. This achievement allowed ACIDENTE to get acquainted by prog fans, leading the band's name beyond our greatest expectations. Thanks to producer Leonardo Nahoum and his Rock Symphony label, Quebre Este Disco is finally available on CD. Original sound was enhanced after thoroughful remastering. Bonus tracks reflect the group's following steps. In 1992, when ACIDENTE restarted sessions to record Gloomland, their first CD and digital recording at their 'home studio' 806, Bruno had quit drums for computers, being replaced by MARIO COSTA. Taken from this album is track 14, originally with lyrics. Track 15 was produced in 1994, soon after Gloomland's release, and has been unavailable up to now. It features as guest lead vocalist HELIO 'Scubi' JENNÉ, one of the 1978's pioneer and member during all the group's 1st phase. It took no long until Jarbas traded rock by gospel and the bass passed to ARY MENEZES, who already worked with ACIDENTE as sound engineer Paulinho Padilha's assistant. From Farawayers', their 1996 CD (latest to the moment), is track 16, added with lyrics as it was in its 1981 first recording. Finally, having Zunga moved to a distant place, the 2000 remaining trio (Mario - Ary - Malária) prepared tracks 17 & 18 as special bonus gifts to this very welcome issue. ACIDENTE is back once more and a new album should be expected soon! Information: