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  • Polarians I - (2023 )



Members featured in the album

  • Polarians I - (2023 )


OSVALDO FAVROT - Electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass and keyboards bass, programming drums, percusion, effects, recording and mix


Guest Musician:

GUSTAVO GALLO - Acoustic piando on "Siempre Esperándote"




Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he began studying guitar from 8 years in the Schubert Conservatory with Maestro Manuel Macedo, and from 10 years he performed on the old canal 7 singing folk themes.

At the age of 13 he was part of the folk quartet "Las Estrellas del Alba" with the one he acted in the TV programs "Escala Musical", "La Carreta de los Abrodos" and won the "gold guitar" in the competition "Guitarreada Crush " de canal 13 in the year 1963.

During his adolescence he participated in various groups "Beat" and in 1969 he made his recording debut on EMI with "Onda Corta", group with which he participates in the Primer Festival Beat realized in the Teatro El Nacional and in the Festival Beat de la Canción Internacional de Mar del Plata and many shows.

In 1973 he is the founder of Espíritu, a group with which he grabs the simple “Soy la Noche”.

He also participates as a guitarist, bajista and singer in "La Biblia" with the Ensemble Musical de Buenos Aires, directed by Gustavo Beytelman and together with the major interpreters of the national rock of the moment.

Whit Espíritu composes and recorded "Crisálida", "Libre y Natural", "Espíritu III", "En Vivo en Obras", "En Movimiento", "Fronteras Mágicas", "En Vivo 2004" and "Entreciclos" realizing acts in the most important theatres, stadiums, and TV shows.

Participate as a guitarist in the recording of the LP “Soy lo que soy” by the singer Sandra Mihanovich with which she makes tours from all over the country, together with Angel Mahler on teclados, Daniel Saralegui on bass, Ariel Senderowich on drums and Hugo Newman on saxo . For this she composes the theme “Dame más, quiero más” edited later on various CDs.

He intervenes in the Homenaje a Atahualpa Yupanqui performed in the Centro Cultural San Martín together with Litto Nebbia, Ciro Fogliatta, Liliana Vitale, Horacio Fontova, Pedro Conde, Alejandro Medina.

He scored as a soloist in the following productions: in the triple album "Al Flaco Dale Gracias" and double album "Guardado en la Memoría", produced by Fabian Spampinato, for FM-DRock.

He participates with 3 songs and playing all the instruments in the Box Set of 9 CDs ""Una Celebración del Rock Argentino", produced by Litto Nebbia for the Melopea box. Wished by the Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación.

Recorded a live show with Redd for their album "Ceremonias Para Alzar El Telón", with Esteban Cerioni, Luis Albornoz, Juan "pollo" Raffo, Marco Tulio Pusineri, Carlos Garófalo, Jorge Minissale and Alejandro Ferrera.

He acted as a guest in concerts of the Klauss group of electronic music.

He composes music for institutional and commercial TV videos.

At the same time of his musical activity he graduated as lawyer.

In December 2018 he received the Autoral Recognition by part of the Argentine Society of Authors and Composers for his merits and trayectoria of him, together with musicians and composers of great importance in the country.

In 1990, he recorded 15 demos for a solo album called “La Cima” were recorded in the “T.M.A” studio (La Escuelita) and in their own small studio.

In 1991, for two months, the production of 12 compositions was carried out in the “La Isla” studio with three ADATs with 8 channels each. The recording was made by Osvaldo Mahler, who was a great help at the time. The production is saved on DAT digital cassettes, one with voices and the other with just the instruments. This material is never edited and was stored for 30 years.

In 2021, the own studio "El Cuartito" was rearmed, and the instrumental part of the project abandoned in 1991 was rescued. Later, work was done in the recording studio "CAB", which has DAT cassette players to transfer it to WAV format. for PC.

During the year 2022 the new recordings were made to transform the songs, originally sung, into instrumentals.

Beginning in the year 2023, the material is mixed and mastered, and finally it is remastered by Ernesto Romeo and Guillermo Acosta at the “La Siesta del Fauno” Studios-Laboratory.

Finally, the album "Polarians" is released at the end of April 2023 under the Viajero Inmóvil Records label.




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