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  • Darse cuenta -  (2021)



Members featured in the album

  • Darse cuenta -  (2021)


JAVIER MARTÍNEZ - Drums and vocals   

PINO CALLEJAS - Guitar and vocals

PATÁN VIDAL - Keyboards





Drummer, composer and singer, Javier Martínez (03/18/46) began musically in La Cueva, the mythical stronghold of national rock. From there he emerged as the leader of Manal, between 1967 and 1973. Once this trio was dissolved, he joined La Pesada del Rock and Roll, Billy Bond's group, with which he recorded two albums.

After living in Barcelona, he returned to the country for the Manal meeting in 1980, but this project lasted less than a year. By the end of '81 he began a solo career that would lead him to edit “Sol del sur” in 1983 and perform at the B.A. Rock in 1982. He returned to Europe, to settle this time in France. There he remained until his definitive return, in 1987.

Although the Guinness Book of Records does not record it, Martinez holds the world record for staying on drums: 41 1/2 hours, stopping only 5 minutes per hour to feed. The event took place in 1985, was sponsored by the Municipality of the city of Toulón and supported by many musicians from around the world who came to accompany it.

In 1993 he formed the Javier Martínez Blues Band, accompanied by Antonio García Lopez (bass), Enrique Weimann (harmonica), Pino Callejas (guitar) and Carlos Vidal (keyboards). "I am surrounded by a selection of the best blues musicians in Argentina," he declared (Clarín, 04.04.93). The result of this union was “Corrientes” (1994), an album of «rock and roll and Buenos Aires lyrics, hence there is so much lunfardo». In 1994 there was a new return of Manal, with Medina but without Gabis.

In 2003 he released “Basta de boludos”, his fourth solo album. He signed this work as Manal Javier Martínez, "because that word was invented by me." At that time, he acknowledged that he would not get together with his former traveling companions. The band that accompanied him was made up of Maxi Delli Carpini (guitar), Javier Acuña (keyboards) and Oscar "Mono" López (bass).

In 2010 he was declared an illustrious citizen of Berazategui, his hometown.

17 years after “Swing”, Martínez released “Pensá positivo” in 2015, with most of the unreleased songs, new versions of songs by Manal and a cover by Tanguito.

In 2020, he entered the Romaphonic studio to record a live concert in one day, which was recorded and later released on CD by the Fonocal label under the title “Concierto en el estudio”.

In mid-2021, he released a new CD entitled “Darse Cuenta”. In this project he is accompanied by Pino Callejas, a guitarist who has supported him since the magical “Corrientes” (1993), along with the beloved Patán Vidal on keyboards and Zorro Salinas on bass. Perhaps the song that best represents the sensations of the album is 'Blues de Pappo', a seven and a half minute track with phrases such as: “And in the bohemian nights, endless without end, the joy, the swing of the Paternal, metaphysical and alchemy of the blues of freedom ”.

In the midst of this chaos, this album is a musical oasis




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