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  • Detrás del río  - (2020)



Members featured in the album

  • Detrás del río  - (2020)


RODOLFO GARCÍA - Drums and vocals


JULIÁN AMOS GANCBERG - Piano, keyboards and vocals

DHANI  FERRÓN - Bass, acoustic guitar and vocals


Guest musicians:

CLAUDIO CARDONE - Keyboards, piano and double bass synth

MONO HURTADO - Double bass






It is not by chance that the notable musicians that make up this group have come together to create Jaguar. His link with Luis Alberto Spinetta is the common denominator of this project.

Those who make up this musical adventure are the drummer Rodolfo García, former member of Almendra, but also Aquelarre; the excellent guitarist Lito Epumer, who in addition to playing at Spinetta Jade was previously part of Madre Atómica, but who lately has formed the trio with Machi and Judurcha and other group projects; Dhani Ferrón, long-time bassist who played, among others, in Emilio del Guercio's band, now for four years with David Lebón, was part of Los Amigo along with Luis and Rodolfo. Finally, Julián Gancberg, the youngest of the four, has been playing keyboards with Lito for a long time and also publishing his own music. All this and the sum of these four parts is present in the music of a group forged in 2017 and that delivers its first album in 2020.

Under the name "Detrás del río" his music transmits the aroma of some classics by Luis Alberto Spinetta. At the same time, it is clearly a current group, which sounds tight and emotional at the same time.

The album goes through Jazz Fusion songs with strong Spinette roots, except for “Zapatito”, a beautiful candombe by Lito Epumer that was already featured on one of his albums, it is the only instrumental theme on the album.

But we can also find three very special jewels by Spinetta: “Río como loco” a song that appeared as a hidden track at the end of Los Amigo, but that El Flaco never recorded with lyrics: now it is heard for the first time as it was; "For you to follow me" another very high point, a song by Almendra from 1969, which Rodolfo sang, and which had not been recorded in the studio (there is a version available live, of the show at the Teatro del Globo, then they stopped playing it ); and also “Caminata” another song that was by Almendra, intended for the opera screened in 1970, but which finally did not materialize and remained unpublished until now.




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