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  • Claroscuro - (2008)



Members featured in the album

  • Claroscuro - (2008)


FABIÁN KEOROGLANIAN - Vibraphone, arrangements and composition

MÁXIMO RODRÍGUEZ - Electric bass






Percussionist, vibraphonist and composer who began his studies in 1987 at the Avellaneda Municipal Institute of Music (IMMA), pursuing the Percussion career. He took symphonic percussion classes for three years with Prof. Tristán Taboada (from the Stable Orchestra of the Colón Theater in Buenos Aires). In 1993 he entered the School of Popular Music of Avellaneda, in the specialty of Jazz Percussion.

He participated as a vibraphonist, arranger and founder of the Tango El Desbande quintet, with which he performed in the most important rooms of the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires. This quintet was selected as the best young group in the Music category of the "Bienal Buenos Artes Joven" in 1994. He also participated as a vibraphonist of the tango duo Puente Alsina with the pianist and composer Martín Liut, and the quintet of Sonia Possetti. recording the first CD of the quintet, Labor. He participated in the opera "María de Buenos Aires" next to the Quintet of the Astor Piazzolla Foundation in the C.C. Borges (Buenos Aires) in 2003, recording a live CD and making an extensive tour of Italy in February 2008.

As an orchestra percussionist he participated in the Avellaneda Symphony Orchestra since 1990. Between 1997 and 1999 he appeared in numerous concerts performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires (a position he entered through a contest) and important opera titles with the Stable Orchestra of the Teatro Colón. He has also performed since 1991 as an extra percussionist in the National Symphony Orchestra. He was a founding member of the Academic Orchestra of the Colón Theater. For two years he was a fellow of the "Antorchas Foundation" by the percussion group of the Academic Orchestra of the Teatro Colón.

Since 1996 he has been part of the Paralelo 33 ° percussion ensemble, a group specialized in the repertoire of the twentieth century, with which he appeared in the most important rooms and theaters in Buenos Aires and in the interior of the country. This ensemble participated in numerous Latin American and International Percussion Festivals offering concerts and clinics on percussion and the role it plays in Argentine music. Along with Paralelo 33 ° he has premiered in Argentina the Persefasa work of composer Iannis Xenaquis for percussion sextet, and this work was also presented at the Teatro Colón with choreography by Alejandro Cervera. The members of Parallel 33 ° were artistic advisers of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Percussion Meeting of Buenos Aires (2002-2004), made with the support of the Directorate of Music of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, with great public impact and criticism. With this assembly he also teaches courses and seminars aimed at students of percussion and composition.

In the music of the twentieth century he participated in 2000 as a soloist of the Ensemble XXI group in the "Despedida del Siglo XX" series in the Main Hall of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, premiering the work for percussion soloist and ensemble Broulliaminni of the Argentine composer Mario Lorenzo He appeared in numerous productions of the C.E.T.C. from the Teatro Colon, such as Sin voces and the Chamber Opera Ana O. by Marcelo Delgado, Chromatic Variations Around the Orange by Martín Bauer and Hildegar by Marta Lambertini, among many others. He has premiered in Argentina the works for Solo Percussion and Metalhurlant Tape and Toco Wood by the composer Juan Pampín in the Cycle of Electroacoustic Music of the C.C. Recoleta of Buenos Aires. He has also played alongside the pianist and composer Gerardo Gandini in the Cycle of Contemporary Music at the Teatro General San Martín.

He is currently presenting his first solo CD, Claroscuro, with a repertoire that includes solo vibraphone, trio with bass and drums, and duets with piano and quartet. With works of his authorship and Jazz standards. From this launch, he will present his Trio with Máximo Rodríguez on bass and Fernando Vallés on drums.

He has recorded with: El Desbande (Tango), Pedro Chemes Cuarteto (Tango), Puente Alsina (Tango), Maria Jose Albaya (Argentine Folklore). Guillo Espel (Argentine Contemporary Music), Patricia Da Dalt (Contemporary Music), Paralelo º33 (Percussion Music), Angel Frette (Contemporary Percussion), XXI Ensembles (Contemporary Music), Sonia Possetti Quinteto (Tango), Martín Liut (music for Sound Installation "May the Sounds of the Plaza"), Julia Zenko, Maria E. Monti (Tango), Tango Brujo, for Julio Bocca's show, with music by Leo Sujatovich, Operita Maria de Buenos Aires with Quinteto de la Fundación Astor Piazzolla and Miguel Angel Treyes.




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