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  • Proyecto Mandala Cuarteto / Mäximo Rodríguez  - (2017)



Members featured in the album

  • Proyecto Mandala Cuarteto / Mäximo Rodríguez  - (2017)


MÁXIMO RODRÍGUEZ – Electric bass, composition and arrangements


LEANDRO KALEN - Piano, keyboards and vocals

ENZO CUENCA - Drums, percussion and vocals




"Projecto Mandala" emerges as a platform of various formats that unify in that name what refers to the creative process of Máximo Rodríguez in recent years.

"Projecto Mandala Cuarteto" is the one that starts this new path, integrated by Leandro Kalen in piano, keyboards and vocals; Marcelo Kitay on guitar; Enzo Cuenca on drums, percussion and vocals; and Máximo Rodríguez in bass, composition and arrangements.

They recorded their first album at the end of 2017 in the studio "Insigno" by Mariano Otero being recording technician Juan Pablo Alcaro.

The second format is a guitar duo with Alejandro González, with which they interpret the same repertoire of the quartet adapted to the duo.

The third format is "Projecto Mandala Canciones". In recent times some songs about poems by Tobias Schleider were composed, and then Máximo rewrote some lyrics that he musicalized. One of the first songs "La casa de Pablo", is inspired by Isla Negra, one of the houses that Pablo Neruda had on the shores of the Pacific). Composed with Laura Hambra and performed by Laura Albarracin on vocals, and Alejandro Manzoni on piano.




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